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Unlocking the Next Level: M-Files and the Pursuit of ‘Better Ways’ in Information Management

In 1984, Frankie goes to Hollywood opened their iconic hit “WAR” with the chant, “There’s got to be a better way…” and since then this has become my unofficial mantra.

I can’t help but look at problems, products, processes and all sorts of things with this in mind… Unfortunately, most of the time even if there is a better way, I am not in a position to change or influence things. However, in the realm of information management, I seem to have had a relative amount of success by introducing “Better Ways” for my customers that have left them feeling happier than they were when they first came came to see me. Recently however, I found myself running out of NEW better ways. The market seemed to have stagnated and “better” seemed to translate to “the same but prettier” or “the same but in the cloud”.

Enter M-Files

Late last year, I was fortunate enough to spend five days in San Diego with the team from M-Files and thanks to them, I now have a whole bag of “better ways” to share with my customers.

Better user experiences, Better connectivity, Better search, Better automation, Better aggregation of structured and non-structured content, Better approaches to migration and dealing with legacy content. Better for users, Better for administrators, Better for IT, Better for finance, Better for compliance teams…

So, if you, like me, have been looking for a better way but come up blank time after time (there’s another blog post in there somewhere); and if you are keen to move away from your legacy systems but can’t even begin to understand where or how to start the journey, then give us a call or drop us a line. We’ll be happy to share with you the “better ways” that we have added to our portfolio of products and services aimed at bringing you closer to being able to RELAX…

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