Cadmus Consulting


At CADMUS we are able to support ALL of your information management needs, regardless of the level of maturity or complexity of your organisation.

We believe that information is one of the most valuable assets you own, and we want you to be able to leverage it to its fullest extent. However, it is also one of the areas that poses the greatest risk to your organisation if it is handled or managed inappropriately.  We believe there are four discrete domains where organisations need support in achieving their goals for information management. These are Education, Assessment, Enablement and Sustainment. Our consultants have the skill and experience to work with you in any or all of these areas to develop and deliver training, to increase awareness, to review and assess current and future information management needs, to develop governance and compliance frameworks, and to help you maintain and embed the systems solutions and processes you have put in place.

As subject matter experts in each of these domains, we can guide you through any change to ensure that "doing the right thing" doesn't have a negative impact somewhere else in your business. We have developed structured approaches and methodologies which allow us to deliver consistent, high-quality services and solutions for you that deliver the level of support you need, when you need it.

Our portfolio of services is comprehensive and evolves with our clients' needs. The following section identifies a number of indicative offerings in each domain.


Our Education Programme...

We offer a small number of specialist courses and awareness sessions focussed on the real-world challenges of information management in the cloud.

These are NOT technology focussed.

We have distilled a unique combination of in-depth information management and governance knowledge with the right blend of technology and product understanding to create a learning experience that is informative and engaging.

(No death by PowerPoint here !)

Each course is designed and delivered by a subject matter expert trainer to ensure you obtain the maximum value from your precious time.

Most courses can also be run as private session tailored to your explicit needs.

  • WHY365?

Walk into Office 365 with your eyes open!
Understand the art of the possible with Office 365. Learn what you should embrace and what you should avoid and why

  • Designing RM solutions in SP/O365

We share our structured approach to designing records management solutions in SharePoint/Office 365. Learn the functional limitations and design considerations you need to be aware of.

  • Data Protection in the Cloud

Understand the legal and reputational implications of managing content in the cloud. Learn the questions to ask, and processes to follow to make your journey to the cloud a safe one.


Our Assessment Framework...

Understanding what you have, is the key to determining what to do with it.

At CADMUS Consulting we have developed a framework of assessments that allow you to build a comprehensive understanding of your information landscape.  Each assessment can be either self-contained or combined to create an increasingly rich picture.

The approach to the assessments is based on industry best practice relating to information security; specifically, the ISO27K series and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s).

  • The Information Audit 

Provides the foundations for your initial or continued journey to the cloud. It identifies your High-Business-Impact information assets, helping you to develop appropriate security, migration, implementation and management strategies.

It follows a proven methodology and covers the core areas that ensure success:
Compliance, Sustainability, Security, Information Architecture, Governance, Usability and Lifecycle.
  • Summary Risk Assessment

A multi-faceted review of the information assets you own and use.

The assessment seeks to identify any changes in the risk profile of information assets associated with the move from  internally managed systems and services to cloud-based services.

The context of the assessment is the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The assessment will review the current and future states of these attributes as well as the associated threats, vulnerabilities and controls of the in-scope information sources, systems, and  services.

  • Privacy Impact Assessment

An essential tool in the decision making process related to moving your data to the cloud. It identifies the security and data-privacy considerations related to your content.

Provide your senior sponsors and decision makers with clear, prioritised, actions and recommendations to ensure that you are able to transition safely to the cloud.


Enablement and Solution Delivery...

Building on the Education and Assessment services our enablement solutions allow you to obtain maximum value from your information, and the associated tools and platforms.

Designed to bridge the chasm between what users and the business need, and what your compliance and governance requirements demand.

We have done the hard work for you.

Leveraging our consultants considerable experience and skill, we have developed a series of world-class, cost effective solutions which combine a tightly integrated portfolio of best-of-breed products, to deliver solutions that actually work!

  • IAM365
Information Architecture designed to support both basic records management and line of business document management.
  • Re-usable catalogue of components with best practice Information Governance
  • Basic business process automation
  • Best practice / appropriate security model
  • Tailored to your specific industry / sectors requirements
  • Records365
Build on the IAM365 information architecture and map to formal records classifications using a comprehensive policy engine.
  • Consistent application of relevant classification and retention schedules.
(No user intervention)
  • Fully scalable, centralised lifecycle  management of ALL content in Office365 including comprehensive destruction and review processing.
  • Concept Classifier365
Build on IAM365 and Records365 to automatically add relevant metadata properties to all documents in Office 365.
  • Automatically apply metadata from multiple taxonomies, e.g. records classification, eDiscovery, data privacy, distribution limiting markers etc.
  • Re-apply metadata to ensure content remains in context throughout its lifecycle
  • Significantly enhanced management of the SharePoint Term Store